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Kyst Swimwear is for the girl whose love for the ocean transcends through and beyond waves. Moved by her desire to do more & be more, to radiate a catching vibrance, and to share meaningful stories drawn out of her journey from beautiful destinations.

Our brand believes that you take good care of what you love. Keeping this principle to heart, we’re proud to introduce:

from waste to waves

a campaign that celebrates our deep love for the ocean and everything that's relying on it.


Kyst Swimwear is now using upcycled high-quality Italian nylon fabric crafted from reclaimed fishnets and plastics collected from oceans all over the world. Our fabric also features UPF +50 UV protection and chlorine resistance. All of these without compromising the style, quality, and versatility of our swimwear.


Completing our package is our Kyst Kit which includes a seed paper hangtag that grows when planted, our informational card which gives you more details about our take on sustainability, a scrunchie crafted from our scrap fabrics, and last but not the least, a reuseable pouch personally handcrafted by the Kyst Team.


Kyst as a business is motivated by its 4Ps – Planet, People, Product and Places, for a more purpose-driven enterprise.


With the drastic and evident changes that's happening in our environment, we are encouraged to be a platform for raising awareness and for educating people about doable steps that can save our only home – our planet.


For us to be able to achieve our vision, we will be needing support from more people. This is why Kyst will be creating a community of individuals who share the same passion for fashion and sustainability.


We understand that sustainability should not compromise the quality, design and versatility of our product. With the help of our collaborators, Kyst aims to produce high-quality and all-around suits.


We are driven by our love for beautiful destinations and our goal is to showcase these genuine beauty of these places to be appreciated and to be well-taken care of by our audience.
Our walk towards sustainability is a journey inspired by you, our customers, and our deep love and respect for the planet. We may be far from becoming a 100% sustainable brand but we are eager to take the first little steps and we are hoping that you take this journey with us, creating waves of impact as we go.


To #getsunKYST is not only about feeling good and looking good in our swimwear; It is also about being moved to create waves as you take on your next sun-Kyst adventure — from sea to shore.



To become a brand that shares a meaningful & relevant purpose.
Our decision switch to make the switch by using sustainable materials is just the start. We envision Kyst to be a brand that will move consumers to make wiser decisions that will create significant and positive changes for the environment.


To create stunning pieces that will make you standout.
Kyst collaborates with local and up & coming talents to showcase their work. That is why each collection is guaranteed to be specially-designed and to be produced on a limited-run. Making sure that you never go out-of-style from day to night.


To ensure top-notch quality for a more long-lasting swimwear.
Our four-way stretch premium Italian fabric also comes with additional features like UPF +50 protection, chlorine and saltwater resistance, and quick-drying fabric. Safe to say, Kyst is your longtime sea-to-shore constant fit for all your adventures.